Inspired by the Vaporwave art movement – From the early 2010s, the revitalization of popular culture and satire of consumer capitalism, seeking to build a world beyond form, reimagining the historicity of recent time -, the studio that carries in its name the weight of the nostalgic feeling brought upon us by time, was born.

NewDreams™ philosophy is consolidated by the unfathomable aspect of time and life, which affects humanity’s expectations and the way they can be achieved by the will of each one. A peculiar example of this archetypal force was the company’s foundation during Taira Yūji’s trip to Japan, to discover through on-site research the environment and the origins of some of his childhood dreams.

During the trip Taira Yūji, Alberto Dorazzio, along with Megumi Kodaira and Kenji Kihara, felt the eternity of time permeating within their spirits. At which point the Vaporwave concept emerged since the team was plunging into the very opposite of Japan, a nation of wealth at the edge of consumerism. The experience revealed that through art that same feeling of possibility, broadening of horizons and personal achievement could be brought to other human beings.

At that moment, the group reinvented itself. Everything changed, their vision, character, and paradigm. The most important is that they were able to realize how the perception of the soul could be a tool with NewDreams™ and everything else they would create.

The studio’s mission, through art and design, is to transform the vision about the image, making it more responsible and intelligent, so that human society can be led to potentially positive future paths.


The NewDreams™ studio’s directors have years of experience in the fields of design, architecture, engineering, information technology, and commerce.

In our professional stance, we view design as a way to solve particular human needs, from the building of a chair to the site that might sell it.

Taira Yūji has worked with companies such as Santista, HTH, Unilever, BRF, De Master Blenders, Quem Disse Berenice, Nissan, Royal Caribbean, PokerStars, Logitech, Corinthians, The Government of the State of São Paulo and the São Paulo City Hall, among others; Alberto Rogatto worked with companies such as Porto Seguro, Kellogs, Eurovest and Monsanto; and Padula Diego has vast experience in project management working for companies such as Duratex, Deca, Hydra Corona, Ceusa, Cecrisa, Portinari e Puket.

According to our work ethic, we seek to turn possibilities into reality through deep understanding of the specific needs of each job, with high complexity projects.

For these reasons, NewDreams™ is a sophisticated, elegant and cool design studio, which doesn’t wish to simply deliver a service, but give movement to its clients’ aspirations and goals.